Xperia Tipo – Ultimate budget smartphone…from 2012

Back in 2012, the Sony Xperia Tipo was THE budget phone.

It has a single-core 800 MHz CPU, 512 MB of ram, 320×460 3.2″ screen, 1500 mAh battery that can last you almost 2 days, and, most important, Android 4.0.4. See, back when it was released, the Galaxy Mini and the LG L3 were the competitors in the budget area. But what really made the Tipo stand out was the fact that it was running Android 4. However, there are tons and tons of mods available for this phone. But that is the strong point of the phone. It’s relatively easy to root, and once you do, there are loads of mods on XDA developers forum. I actually bricked my phone 3 times. For example, when I was installing Android jellybean mini mod it created a boot loop, and it was very difficult to fix.

On the back of the phone you have a 3.15 MP camera which, well…It was okay-ish, even when it was new…But in general, if you have loads of light, the images are okay, but the colours will be a bit off. Well, a bit more. Now, another strong point… Battery. Since it’s low on processing power, no matter how hard you use it, you will get a day on a single charge. Don’t use it much, you you can stretch it to two days. Another strong point is, since it’s compact, it’s soooo bloody tough. I dropped it a number of times, and it’s still in one piece.  However, this phone is waaay past it’s sell-by date. Dual core phones are dying out, let alone single core phones.

But I was very happy with my phone, and I learned a lot from it.

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