Worst phones ever made

A lot of things can make a phone bad. Bad screen, poor performance, ugly design, crappy battery, price…but to be one the the WORST phone…yea, it takes something really special for that. Here are some of the Worst phones ever made.

Worst phones ever made – Motorola Rokr E1

The background story of this phone is quite interesting. The Rork E1 was a collaboration between Motorola and Apple, back in 2005. Apple and Motorola making a phone sounds awesome, right? Well…not in this case, no. The idea of the phone was to get rid of your iPod and play your music on your phone. The first major problem with the phone is that it was limited to only 100 songs, no matter the memory. And the phone itself wasn’t really special  in any way. It was a regular Motorola for it’s time, with an iPod like interface. Sales didn’t go well.

Nokia 8800

This was a weird one…The phone did have some minor flaws, like a rather low battery life and a shady screen, but that’s not the reason why the Nokia 8800 is on the list. It’s the price. When new, the phone was OVER 1000$, around 1200$. In real life, the phone had the same functions as any other phone of it’s time. What made ti stand out is the Nokia’s build quality, and it’s choice of material for this phone. That’s what set the price bar high. Oh, and add that the phone wasn’t that easy to use. Again, in general, the phone is not that bad, but it’s price is the reason it’s on this list. You can still find these on eBay for over 1000$.

Kyocera Echo

This phone is special in it’s own way. It had not one, but two 3.5″ screens. Sounds nice, no? The concept was that you can pull the second screen out and have a 4.7 inch tablet. The problem with two screens is that, when both are on, the power draw is huge. To give you an idea how bad the battery life can be, you get two batteries in the box with the phone. Another issue with the phone is that not a lot of apps actually took full advantage of two screen. Sure, there were some that did, but most of them just resized. And, when you are using the phone with one screen, you get a big bulky phone with an offset screen.

Worst phones ever made – Nokia 7280

This phone is…let’s say it’s “unique”. A phone without a keyboard, and that looks like a big Snickers bar. Joking aside, the concept was quite cool and innovative, but…What was Nokia thinking when they decided to ditch the keypad on this phone thing. Sure, the Nokia 7280 had something called “Navi-Spinner”, which you used to navigate on the tiny screen. It was rather tedious to do so.

Microsoft Kin

I think that when Microsoft looks back at these pair of phones (Kin 1 and Kin 2), they give themselves a major facepalm. The phone was on sale for 48 days, and Microsoft spent 1 billion dollars on this phone. So yea, that kinda tells you how much of a flop this phone was. Generally, this phone was not really a smartphone, since it was aimed at texting. Furthermore, you were expected to pay for it like it was an actual smartphone, and had to pay for a data plan. ANOTHER big hit against the phone was the fact that you weren’t able to install anything on it, no app store. it didn’t even have a calendar app.

Nokia N-Gage

Another Nokia phone on the list….uups? But seriously, out of all the great phones Nokia has made, there are bound to be some bad ones, like the N-Gage is. The N-Gage was something in between a Nitendo GameBoy, and a regular Nokia phone. I kinda flopped at both. To play a game, you had to turn the phone off, take out the battery, put in a card with the game similar to an SD card, and then turn it back on and play your game. Okay, it is a bit of a fuss. The gaming experience was also rather awkward due to the buttons. It was also rather big and bulky, and quickly got the nickname “The taco phone”, since you had to hold it like a taco if you actually wanted to talk with someone.

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HTC ChaCha

You could technically call this the Facebook phone, as it was rather focused on Facebook. And, for some people, that sounded great. Unfortunately, the ChaCha was really, really bad. For example, you only got around 150 MB of storage at disposal. Yes, you can expand the storage, but you can’t really move all apps to the external card, so the internal memory gets full really fast. Furthermore, it was generally slow, due to it’s single-core 800 MHz CPU. And, according to some users, the battery life shrinks a lot overtime. But it wasn’t all that bad. The keyboard is quite good, and it has a dedicated Facebook button.

Worst phones ever made – Garmin-Asus nuvifone A50

Okay, I’ll admit. This phone is not all that bad. But it rather makes you wonder…why?
Asus is great at making motherboards, laptops, customizing GPUs, and they have recently made some very good smartphones. Garmin is one of the best when it comes to GPS navigation. Combine those two together and you get…well..this. A very ugly phone. It ran a heavily skinned version of Android that barley looked like it. Sure, you do get the quality navigation of Garmin. And yes, it IS well built. But, in all honesty, it was rather useless. At that time, Google Maps was really starting to become popular, and if you add just a bit more money, you could snatch yourself an actual GPS navigation system.


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