Windows Phone 10 on a tablet?

Windows Phone 10 is designed to run on phones and small tablets. However, could Microsoft be doing something they haven’t told us?

Although Windows Phone 10 is meant to run on phones and small tablets (phablets), someone got Windows Phone 10 running on a 10-inch tablet. However, we only have 2 images available. The images come from a Chinese website ITHome. It shows Windows Phone 10 running on a 10-inch tablet, with a resolution of 1024×764, a Rokchip RK3288 CPU, which is based on an ARM Cortex-A17.

But the sad thing is, this is all the information available. As far as we know, this could just be a hack to run Windows Phone 10 run on a tablet. Will we see Windows Phone 10 on 10-inch tablets in the future? Only time will tell. Windows RT is meant to run on larger ARM-based tablets, for example, the Surface, the Surface 2, or the Nokia 2520. These devices won’t be getting a direct update, but rather a different update which, by Microsoft, will “have some functionality of Windows 10”. Again, this is probably nothing, but you can’t ignore it…

Windows Phone 10 tablet
Windows Phone 10 tablet

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