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What is a phablet?

In the modern world, the word “phablet” is popping up everywhere. But what in fact is a phablet? Should you get one? Here are some pros and cons about phablets.

So, what is a phablet? According to Wikipedia, a phablet is a class of a mobile devices designed to combine or straddle the form of a smartphone and a tablet. The word phablet is a portmanteau of the words phone and tablet. And that seems pretty much right. But how big is s phablet? Anywhere from 5.3 to 6.99 inches. Phablets are great for stuff like watching videos and movies, web browsing, gaming… The rose of the phablets happened in 2012 and 2013, although the first phablets appeared in 2007, like the HTC Advantage (even tho it is only 5 inches, that was a long time ago). Other older phablets are the Verizon Hub, LG GW990, Dell Streak… Some of the most popular phablets today are the Galaxy Note 4, iPhone 6 Plus, Nexus 6, Nokia Lumia 1520, 1320, 640XL, HTC One Max, Xperia Z Ultra and many more…

Phablets – pros and cons

A phablet is not for everyone. If you don’t mind using your device with two hand almost all the time, then sure, why not. The benefits are a big screen(duh), special features (for example, multi-window), usually a much bigger battery, high-end specs (in most cases) etc. However, there are cons. If you don’t like big screens, then DON’T BUY A PHABLET. Phablets are also harder to carry around, and since they are bigger and heavier than usual, there is a bigger chance of the screen cracking if they fall on the floor. Phablets are also more expensive. Some apps don’t usually work well with bigger screens.

So, should you buy a phablet? Well, if you don’t mind a big screen, and are willing to spend a bit more cash, then yes, go ahead, and get yourself a phablet.

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