WebVR is coming to Chrome

WebVR will allow you to view all web pages in VR using Chrome for Android.It’s still in beta tho, but sounds awesome!

The latest versions of Chrome beta now have support for WebVR. WebVR will also allow you to view any site in VR, with any VR headset. It will work with anything! From the pricey Samsung Gear VR to the cheap Google Cardboard, it all works. f you have Chrome Dev installed you can see the experimental flag at chrome://flags/#enable-vr-shell (It doesn’t do anything just now, but it should soon enough). While WebVR already exists to some extent in other browsers, Google wants to deliver a version that lets you view not only newer “made for WebVR” sites in VR, but also all existing web pages. Chrome has largely become the default browser for the Android world, so adding WebVR support to Chrome will essentially make Google’s version of it the de facto standard as well.

Source: Android Authority

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