Warp Shift – a new, stunning puzzle game for Android

Warp Shift, a game that was until recently only available on iOS, is now available for Android, as well.

 Published by Deep Silver, Warp Shift is a stunning and beautiful Android puzzle game that will take you on a marvelous adventure that will challenge your mind.  Up until recently, Warp Shift was only available for iOS device.

Set in a mysterious world, you have to guide the little girl Pi and her magical companion through the maze-like confines of the enigmatic ancient chamber that keeps them trapped. The game is easy to play. Swipes and taps, only. Use those simple controls to go through the game’s 5 unique worlds with 15 levels each. And no need to rush. There are no time limits, so you can relax, and enjoy the game. You can get the game here for Android.

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