Most useful Windows Phone apps

It is rather sad that Windows Phones doesn’t have the same amount of apps Android or iOS has. Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any useful apps that can make your life a bit easier. Here are some of the most useful Windows Phone apps.


Briefcase is one of the best file managers for Windows Phone. It does a lot of stuff, and it does it correctly. You can set up a 4 digit password to protect your files. It also works with OneDrive. Of course, Briefcase supports the usual clipboard stuff, like copy, paste and cut. And, you can zip/unzip files with Briefcase. It’s definitely worth checking.

Money Wallet

Money Wallet is a great-looking, professional and well thought through financial app. Similar to Pennies for iOS, it allows you to track all your finances from one place. It is packed with features. You’ll just have to check it for yourself at the store.

Useful Windows Phone apps – Another Note

This ad-free notes app let’s you take notes with style. It you don’t like Microsoft’s OneNote, then you should definitely check out Another Note. You can regularly take a note, just by typing, or dictate the note at over 35 different languages. It features a clean and minimalist design, and allows you to pin notes on your homescreen. You can also protect the app with a PIN.

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Adobe Photoshop Express

On Android and iOS, you have loads of photo editing apps to choose from. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case with Windows Phone. You only have a handful to choose from. Adobe Photoshop Express is most certainly one of the best photo editors on the market for Windows Phone. You can use different tools to make your pictures even better, and really make them stand out.


Built by Microsoft, Translator is…well, a translator. It has the same functionality of Google’s Translate app, but it does not use Google’s services. It uses Bing translator. You can also use your camera to translate signs and other whatnot. You can also download language packs for offline translations, when you don’t have access to the Internet.


1Password is a safe place where you can securely store all you account information, like mails/usernames and passwords. There’s not much to it. It does just that. It’s worth mentioning that this app is still fresh on the Windows Phone market, so it’s still in Beta, but it gets the job done.

Call Recorder

I’ve already mentioned this Call Recorder a while ago. This app basically allows you to record Phone Calls on your Windows Phone device. You can upload your call recordings directly to OneDrive within the app, and even protect your sensitive phone calls.


If you fancy some nice, new wallpapers, or some new ringtones, then the popular Zedge app is perfect for you. It has thousands and thousands of wallpapers and ringtones that are uploaded daily by people all over the Internet. You can find wallpapers and ringtones in a lot of different categories.

Movie Maker 8.1

If you need to quickly edit clips on the go on your Windows Phone device, then Movie Maker 8.1 is the app for you. Movie Maker 8.1 allows you to edit videos in a wide variety of formats and resolutions. It even supports 4k, but you will need more than 1 GB of RAM for that. It is feature-rich, and is definitely worth checking out. It is a bit pricey, tho.

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