Most useful iOS apps – June 2016

Most useful iOS apps – these neat little apps can be super useful. You might wanna check them out.


The concept of the app is simple – to give you constant access to those tiny bits of info that may come useful in everyday life, yet you can’t seem to remember that info. What kind of info, you might ask? Well, for example, your car’s number plate, number combo on your lock, that noteworthy book page etc. The app is really simple to set up, and it’s free. Click here to check Cheatsheet out on iTunes.


If you like cooking, then BigOven is the app for you. With over 350,000 recipes, and over 12 million downloads, BigOven is one of the best cooking apps for iOS. Select a recipe, and it will give you all the info about it. You can even make a family/household grocery list. Have some leftovers in the fridge? BigOven can help you to turn those leftovers into a quick meal. Click here to check out BigOven at the App Store.


If you’re out and about, and would like to visit a fancy place, Yelp can help you. Yelp will find you places to relax, have a snack, read a book, watch a movie… You can read other people’s reviews about the place, and check out pictures of the place…the same way you can on Google Maps. You can also find great deals my local businesses. Write reviews, check-in to businesses, upload photos, and add tips of your own! Click here to check out Yelp at the App Store.

Most useful iOS apps – Word Flow keyboard

A keyboard made by Microsoft for iOS. It’s definitely worth giving it a shot. You can swipe, or type. Of course, like every keyboard today, it learns what you type, and, over time, it predicts what you want to type, and corrects you if you make a mistake. It also features a lot of customization features, and it’s easy to use with one hand. Click here to check out Word Flow Keyboard at the App Store.


When you’re done typing with your friends on Microsoft’s keyboard, you will most likely go and hang out with them. Make sure that Moves is activated, since it keep track of your movement. It counts your steps, how long have you walked an what distance, or how much you’ve cycled. The bigger the circle, the more you have moved. Click here to check out Moves at the App Store.

Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe has brought some of Photoshop’s features to iOS. Of course, it’s not the full desktop version, but it is good enough for a few simple fixes on your images. Some of the stuff you can do is heal, liquify, paint, smooth out… Click  here to check out Adobe Photoshop Fix at the App Store.


If you ever need to send a gif to someone, giphy gives you access to the worls largest collection of GIFs. You can browse through multiple reactions and emotions. These gifs can be easily copied to almost any messaging app. Click here to check out Giphy at the App Store.

Live Wallpapers for Lock Screen

With the introduction of Live photos in iOS 9, you can take advantage of it and make animated/live wallpapers for your iPhone lock screen. This only works on iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. There isn’t much to say here, really… Click here out check out Live Wallpapers for Lock Screen at the App Store. 

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Pennies is a simple and minimalist financial app. It focuses on one thing, and one thing only –  how you have spent, and how much you have left to spend. You set a budget you have at your disposal, and then type in all of the stuff you have to pay – bills, food, clothes…not a lot of fuss with this app. Click here to check out Pennies at the App Store.

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