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Tricks for MS-DOS on Windows Phone

Microsoft released MS-DOS for Windows Phone of 1st of April, as an April fools joke. It may not be as powerful as the real MS-DOS, but you can have quite some fun with it. Here are some tricks for MS-DOS on Windows Phone.

While it may be possible to run the full version of MS-DOS on your Windows Phone device, that is not possible…well, not yet at least.

The standalone app was released a few days ago, as somewhat as a joke from Microsoft. It may not be the full version of MS-DOS, but you can have fun with it. Here are some tips and tricks for MS-DOS on Windows Phone.

First of all, you need to know some basic commands for getting around in MS-DOS. Some of these commands are:
cd – Call directory – Type cd(name of the directory you want to open)
cd.. – Move up one directory
dir – Display the content of the directory
CLS (clear last screen) – Clears the screen
Color xy  – x is the background color, y is the color for the text.

So now that you know the basic commands, you can have some fun in MS-DOS for Windows Phone. Try this:
When you open MS-DOS, type dir. You should see the content of the root file. You can find a folder named games. Open it. There is another folder in there, named RPS. Opne it and start RPS.exe. Follow the commands and have fun.

Next, try to format your C: drive by typing format C:.  Of course, Cortana will prevent you from doing so.

For some more fun, try typing win or win.exe. It boots to Windows 3.1. It’s just basically a Windows, with some icons in it which launch apps on your Windows Phone.

Apart from that fun, try accessing other files on MS-DOS using the cd  command. You can also try and open camera with the camera.exe command. And there are many, many more commands.

However, you do have to remember that this is not a full-blow OS, this is just an app, so don’t expect all commands to run. Will we ever see full MS-DOS on Windows Phone? Only time will tell. You can download the MS-DOS app for Windows Phone here.

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