Top Huawei / EMUI themes

The good thing about Huawei and EMUI is that you can install different themes on it. Here are some of the best Huawei or EMUI themes.

To install any of these themes, simply put the .hwt file in the HWThemes in your internal storage. After that, simply apply the theme in your themes app.

Huawei / EMUI themes – Nexus 6P theme

If you want your Huawei to look as stock as possible, you should deferentially take a look at this theme. It makes your Huawei look like a Nexus device. It gives you all the stock icons that you  can find on the Nexus 6P, and it also slightly changes the settings menu. The lock screen also looks like the one on the Nexus 6P. It should be noted that your lock screen will loose it’s functionality, that is, you won’t get any notification cards on your lock screen, nor any music controls. This one is my favorite, and I use it on my P7. And, since by the time of writing this, the theme seems to be taken down from XDA. You can click here to download the the theme. I didn’t modify it, and all credit goes to the guy who made it.

Huawei / EMUI themes – Android N theme

Another theme that makes your Huawei look like a near-stock Android device. I won’t repeat myself, so here’s a video I did about the theme recently.

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Huawei / EMUI themes – Flat EMUI

For something not-so-stock, you can try this, darker theme. It gives your Huawei device a really flat, dark looks with it’s icons and theme. It’s not a major theme, and it won’t severely change the look of your device, but it is definitely worth trying out.

Huawei / EMUI themes – iOS Flat Theme

The fact is that Huawei copies iOS. Some like, other don’t. Sure, visually it is rather similar, if it only worked as good as iOS. This theme takes it to another level, and makes your Huawei device look even more like an iOS device. It’s mostly good, however, the lock-screen is a bit bugged. Apart from that, it looks rather nice.

Huawei / EMUI themes – Peeaf Theme

This theme is rather different from all the other previously mentioned, as it really us unique. It has it’s own different design and feel. As of writing this, I am unable to test it, so you’ll have to settle with the images provided by the developer on the XDA site 🙂

Huawei / EMUI themes – Ultimate Simplicity

This theme comes straight from the Theme app. If you’re looking for a rather simple and elegant looking theme, then you should try this one out. It’s simple, and quite nice, with a lovely wallpaper. To download it, simple search for it in the Themes app.

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