Top free games for low-end Android phones

Having a low-end device today sucks. But that doesn’t mean you can have some fun, tho. Here are some awesome and free games for low-end Android phones. All of these apps have been tested on a genuine low-end device – Sony Xperia Tipo.

I’ve mentioned this game a while ago, so I’m just going to say it again. Ultraflow is a minimalistic, yet fun puzzle game. The concept is simple – get your disk into the other disk. Sounds easy, right? Not really. Although you don’t have a timer, the number of bounces your disc can make is very limited. On some levels, your disk must not bounce at all. Your success depends on your smoothness. The game also has a nice beat, too. It’s worth to mention that the game is free, has no ads, and no in-app purchases, meaning this game is not a trial version. You can get the game here.

Another great game from Ketchapp.  The name of the game IS the point of the game – you have to hop. Tap on the screen to make your… eye-ball thing hop through hoops and avoid the spikes. As you go, collect mushrooms to unlock more characters. Eating a mushroom will get you 1 point, jumping into the hoop from above gives you 2 points, and jumping through the hoop from below will get you 3 points. You can get the game here.

If you like calm, laid-back games (and happen to have a low-end device), then you might like iFishing. iFishing is one of the best and most popular fishing simulators on the market. Just because it’s the best, doesn’t mean it won’t run on old devices. Use your accelerometer to catch many species of freshwater fish. But the fish aren’t stupid. Every fish likes a certain bait and lure preferences, so think twice when choosing your bait.You can get the game here.

Music madman
If you don’t like fishing, then you should definitely try this game. Music madman is a fast-paced game in which you have to click the right color at the right time – red or green. You have to click the color of the next block your character will jump on. Click the wrong color, and the game is over. You can get the game here.

Fast like a Fox
Fast like a Fox is a fast platformer in which you tap the back of your phone to run, and you tap the screen to jump. Your treasure has been stolen by minions and you have to take it back. The game features a cool geometry and vector based graphics, which are apparently inspired by retro console games. You should DEFENETLY try this game. You can get the game here.

Earn to die 2

I know this game is popular, but I’m want to mention this game because it’s my personal favorite on this list, and it runs great on low-end devices.
Earn to die 2 is about 5 time longer than the original version. Your goal is simple – build zombie-smashing cars to get to the other side of the country where an evacuations hip is waiting you (yes, will wait for more than a year…). And, your car will be destroyed again and again. You can get the game here.

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