Top Free games for Android #3

Top Free games for Android

  1. Alto’s Adventure
    Alto’s Adventure is an endless snowboarding game. Join Alto and his friends as you embark on a beautiful journey. You will go through villages, forests, ruins.. You primary goals are to catch as many llamas as you can, and to travel as long as you can. The game features simple, but absolutely breathtaking graphics, and awesome soundtracks, so headphones are recommended. Download Alto’s Adventure here.
  2. Orbits
    Orbits is that type of game that, at first sight, looks super simple, but once you start playing it, you realise just how difficult it is. In Orbits, timing is everything. At the very beginning, it is super simple, but it get much more difficult very fast. You have to jump from circles to circles, and collect diamonds to finish the level. Oh, and don’t crash, and watch out for spikes. Download Orbits here.
  3. Top Free games for Android – One more line

    One More Line is a great time-killer game! The point of the game is super simple – travel as long as you can. You control a small…something. Touch the screen grapple. You have to perfectly time your release, otherwise you will crash and die. Your…thing…also leaves a cool-looking trail behind it, and when you die, you can enjoy your “art”. You can download One More Line here

    ULTRAFLOW is back, and it’s bigger than ever! ULTRAFLOW 2 now has new features, for example, portals. You don’t have a timer, no score, no limits… The game depends on your smoothness. The new game features 180 FREE levels, and if you’re willing to pay a bit, you get another 180 PREMIUM levels, which are much more difficult. You can download ULTRAFLOW 2 here
  5. Faily brakes
    Imagine the scenario – you’re driving down a steep hill, when suddenly, your brakes fail. This is what Faily Brakes is about. Help Phil to avoid obstacles, like trees or rock, trafic, trains… Or, collect a shield and DESTROY the obstacles. While descending, collect coins to buy new, better cars. The game also features funny crash physics. You can download Faily Brakes here.


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