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Top 10 phones of 2015

In 2015, we’ve seen many great phones. But some of them stand out. Here’s my list of some of the best smartphones in the year 2015.

     1. Samsung Galaxy S6 active


Samsung made a big impact in 2015. They made several versions of their popular S6 series. And the S6 active stands out. No, not by looks. The standard “6 is really pretty, but it does have some “issues” – battery life is not good and it’s darn slippery. That’s where the S6 active comes into play. Not only that the S6 active is more bulky and more robust, but it has a monster battery inside – 3500mAh. Alongside the battery you get the other features, like the octa-core CPU (one quad-core @ 1.5 GHz and another quad-core @2.1 GHz), an awesome 16 megapixel camera, beautiful 5.1 inch display with a resolution of 1440×2560 and many more awesome specs and features.

  1. iPhone 6S+

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without an Apple device on the list. And that’s where the iPhone 6S+ comes. The phone features a beautiful 5.5 inch Full HD display, a 12 MP camera, 2 GB of RAM, and a humble dual-core 1.84 GHz CPU. But don’t let that small clock speed fool you – this phone is crazy fast. With a big phone, you also get a big battery – 2750 mAh. It also introduced the “3D touch feature”, which some apps can take advantage of. You basically push the screen harder to get more options. And let’s not forget that awesome camera. The specs list of the camera is really long, I’m just gonna say that it’s awesome!

  1. Nexus 6P

As the successor of the previous Nexus phone made by Motorola, the 6P continues the tradition of being relatively cheap. deliver pure stock Android experience, and being super fast. This year, two Nexus devices have been revealed – the Nexus 5X made by LG, and the Nexus 6P, made by Huawei. Huawei nailed it with the 6P. The phone is quite big with an 5.7-inch AMOLED display with a crispy resolution of 1440 x 2560. You get the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 paired with 3GB of RAM. And, like the previous phones, a non-removable 3450 mAh battery.

  1. BalackBerry Priv

BlackBerry was struggling a little in the past few months. But the Priv changed that. The first thing you will notice is that beautiful 5.4-inch display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560. But slide that screen up, and you will be presented with a small physical keyboard. And it’s really good. You can use it as a normal keyboard, but you can also use it as a touchpad, and that is REALLY cool. But other than the keyboard, the Priv does many things right – it’s fast, has 3 GB of RAM, a really good 18 megapixel camera, a 3410 mAh battery… The BlackBerry Priv is an awesome phone you should buy. It’s worth to mention that the Priv delivers almost stock Android experience.

  1. Top 10 phones of 2015 – LG V10

No, the V10 doesn’t mean the this phone is powered by a V10 engine. The LG V10 has the same internals as the LG G4, but with a few extra features. The number one thing that stands out is the secondary display on the top. The main display is 5.7 inches big, with a resolution of 1440 x 2560. The secondary display, which is on top,  has a resolution of 160 x 1040. The secondary display has multiple functions. For example, you can put app shortcuts there. Or, when the main display is off, it will display notifications, or battery percentage, or weather information… And the V10 has all the specs you would expect from a flagship. One thing that this phone has, and the previously mentioned phones DON’T have is a removable battery and expandable storage.

  1. Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

If you were to get this phone, the first thing you would probably do is brag to your friends that you have a 4k display on your phone. with a crazy ppi of 806. But trust me. It’s not as crazy as it sounds. I’m not saying it’s bad, but the human eye can’t really tell the difference on a screen of that size. And, it’s off most of the time. 4k is enabled only while viewing media. During normal use, the screen resolution is set to 1080p, which is not bad. Other than the screen, the phone also features top-end specs, with a beautiful design.

  1. Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

Love it or hate it, the 950 XL is a monster of a phone. To kick things off, it also has 8 cores, the same way the Samsung Galaxy S6 has. It also has 3 GB of ram, 32 GB of internal storage, which is upgradeable to 200 GB! The screen is also big and beautiful – 5.7 inches with a resolution of 1440 x 2650. But this phone has a feature that makes it stand out from the crowd – Microsoft Continuum. Here’s how it works – connect you phone to Continuum, connect the Continuum to a monitor, and you have a PC-like experience powered by your phone. With it, you can do basic office task, and you can use your phone normally while doing so. You can also hook up a keyboard and a mouse. But it is a bit pricy.

  1. Motorola Moto X Pure

I won’t be repeating myself, as the phone has almost the same internals as the previously mentioned phones (Snapdragon 808, 3 GB of RAM etc.). But, the standout feature is the bang for buck ratio – this phone costs $400. For that you get all the previously mentioned specs, alongside a 4k capable camera, 3000 mAh battery, and Motorola quality! And let’s not forget the near stock Android experience.

  1. Asus Zenphone 2

This Intel-powered humble-bundle is a great little phone. For just $300, you get an Intel chip clocked at 2.3GHz, 4 GB of RAM, and 64 GB of internal storage. Oh, and add PowerVR G6430 graphics (slightly lower class of the the iPhone 6). With all this, you get a 5.5 inch 1080p display and a more than decent 13 megapixel camera. You can get a cheaper version for $199, but you will only get 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage.

  1. BLU Studio Energy 2

Okay, raise your hand if you have heard about BLU smartphones… yea, not many of you. Just to get thing straight – this phone is not a monster in performance. It features humble specs – 1.3GHz quad-core CPU, 1.5 GB of RAM, 720p 5 inch display…But, the phone does have one secret – you have a massive 5000 mAh battery to play with! 5000 mAh of pure power! You can even charge other phones using this phone! How crazy is that! But that’s the only reason this phone is on this list.


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