Teslagrad now available on Android

The puzzle-platformer Teslagrad is now available on Android!

If you’re into puzzles and platformers, then this game might grab your attention! Teslagrad is an indie Metroidvania game full of puzzles and, well, platforms. You get an immersive experience since there is no dialogue, and it does now interrupt your gameplay.

Teslagrad – The controls…

Platformers do require a precise and delicate input. And a touchscreen is not the most precise way to control your games. However, you should not have any issues controlling your game, once you get used to it. Good thing is, Teslagrad supports controllers out of the box, which means you can control your game with a bit more precision. The Shield TV is also listed as supported.

Right now, the game will set you back $5.59, which is 30% off of the full price.
Yes, I know that mobile gaming has a rather bad reputation, but if you look beyond the money-sucking games like a lot of free mobile games, you’ll be surprised jost how many decent and fun mobile games there are.

Main Features:
● Hand-made graphics / Unique Art Style
● Innovative gameplay with different mechanics to unlock
● Visual storytelling! No texts, just the game and you
● Old-school boss fights!
● One time payment to download (Absolutely NO ads and NO in-app payments)
● Optimized for NVIDIA SHIELD and Android TV
● Support of external controllers
● Haptic and FPS unlock options

Check out Teslagrad here.


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