Sony Xperia Tipo – 3 years later

In June of 2012, the world was presented with a new, small phone – the Sony Xperia Tipo.

The Sony Xperia Tipo was announced on 13 June 2012, but was available in August of 2012. It was one of the best low-end phones when it came out. Today, however, it is not. When it came out, the “competitors” were the Samsung Galaxy Y, Huawei G300, and the LG L3. The only thing that made this phone stand out is the fact that it was running Android 4.0. Regarding the specs, it featured a single-core 800MHz CPU, 512 MB of RAM, 2.5 GB of storage for the user ( can be upgraded with a 32 GB microSD card), 3.2 MP rear camera (no front-facing camera), and a 1500 mhA battery. The screen is 3.2 inches, with a resolution of 320 x 480.

Yes, when you look at it, the phone really is under powered. But the phone does have it’s “specialties”

Sony Xperia Tipo – indestructible?

Since the phone is quite compact, it is really, REALLY hard to crack it. I have drooped it multiple times, and it is still holding. Another great thing about this phone is the speaker. No, it’s not the best-sounding speaker, but it sure is loud (if you turn on xLoud). Since the phone has low-end specs, the battery life is awesome. You can get a day without charging no matter how hard you try. I found myself going two days on a single charge, if I’m not using the phone a lot.

But there is one more thing that is really great about this phone – mods. There are lots and lots of mods for the Sony Xperia Tipo. You can even install Android Lollipop on it. Well, it’s more of a skinned version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but it looks cool. Same goes for Android KitKat.

Here is a nice video you might enjoy.

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