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Signs of a dying phone battery

How can you tell that you need a new phone battery? Here are a symptoms / signs of a dying phone battery.

A phone’s battery can’t last forever. It will eventually die, no matter how you treat it. Here are a few symptoms / signs that your phone needs a new battery.

Do a visual inspection

You can tell the state of your battery simply by looking at it. If you can, take your battery out. Do a visual inspection. If the battery looks like it’s inflated, that could mean the the inner cells have bursted. Additionally, put the battery on the table and give it a spin. If it spins a lot, probably means it’s bad.
Also, another thing to look out for is any signs of rust/corrosion on the battery terminals. That, or look for green/white goo. If you do spot any of these, it is probably a good idea NOT to put the battery back in, and you should replace it.


Battery drains fast / battery can’t keep a charge

Another common sign that your phone battery is faulty. Depending on your device, and how you us it, your battery should last an entire day. If your battery percentage suddenly drop, without any reason, it means it can not hold a charge.


Signs of a dying phone battery – do software checks

If you happen to have an iDevice (iPhone, iPod, iPad), and have a Mac, you should definitely check Coconut BatteryIt gives you detailed information about your battery. Battery health, number of times the battery was charged / discharged, age, of the battery…this nifty little app covers it all.
If you don’t have a Mac, you can try this app. It does the same thing.

If you have Android, type in some of these codes into the dial pad:
These codes will give you a menu in which you can get some detailed info about your phone. You can also try various apps that are available in the store.

When replacing your battery, please do your research. Buying 3rd-party batteries can damage your phone. If your phone has a unibody (can’t remove the back cover), or you simply can’t take the battery out, you can either take it to an authorized service, or try fixing it yourself. It’s not that difficult, and there are plenty of sites on the Internet that provide  detailed step by step instructions on how to do so.

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