Samsung Galaxy S5 : revisited

Released in 2014, the Samsung Galaxy S5 was one of the best phones two and a half years ago.

Sporting a Snapdragoon 801 quad-core cpu @2.5 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and a beautiful 5.1” Full HD screen, it really was, and still is, a powerful phone. On the back is a 4k capable 16MP camera. Under it is a heart rate meter. After two and a half years, the S5 is still one of the prettiest phones out there in my opinion, with a fake, but good leather as the back cover…which is removable, so is the battery. And is waterproof-ish.
So, how does it perform after almost 3 years?
Well, by today’s specs, this phone falls in the mid-range category. Despite that, it is running Android marshmallow. And it still feels really snappy, and works like a charm.

Samsung Galaxy S5 – still an awesome camera

The camera is also really, really nice. It can take wonderful pictures, and 4k video. You can also record 120fps at 720p.
Battery life is also really good. My dad uses his this phone a lot and the battery can last him a day…just. AND the batter doesn’t explode.
On the front of the phone is a 5.1” 1080p screen that still looks beautiful. I still think that 1080p is the sweet spot for a phone screen of this size. Underneath the screen is a fingerprint sensor which is not the fastest since this technology has progressed a lot, but it get the job done.
So, should you upgrade to the S7? If you can, then go for it. The S7 pack much more horsepower, more pixels, faster fingerprint sensor, etc…
Looking to buy one? A used S5 will set you back around 200$, which is not bad. But, if you add just a bit more money, you can get a used OnePlus 3…if you can find one!
More details in the video above.

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