Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – what do we know?

Ah, the heavily rumored Galaxy Note 7. What do we know so far about it? Let’s find out. 

Of course, this being a Note series phone, a lot is to be expected. A very, very fast CPU, lots of RAM and storage, a wicked camera, big, beautiful scree…the list goes on and on.

For sheer processing power, the Galaxy Note 7 will most likely sport a Qualcom Snapdragon 820, or the rumored Snapdragon 823. Samsung, too, will most likely step up the RAM game, as the Galaxy Note 7 is rumored to have 6 GB of RAM, which is A LOT. OnePlus 3 already did that, and Android sure does take advantage of the RAM. For storage, it will most likely come in the standard “set” in /32/64/128/256 GB of storage. You will most likely be able to expand that with a microSD card, all the way up to 256 GB.

Now, there’s a lot of fuss about the screen. No, not about the resolution or size. It will most likely be a 1440p, 5.8″ screen. It’s the curve people are talking about. According to some, Samsung might release only one version – an edge version, or a normal version. Which one will Samsung release, is a mystery, but it just might be the Edge. It will most likely be curved on both sides.

Of course, when it comes to the camera, we will get top-notch. It will most likely be a camera similar to the one in the current Galaxy S7. 4k video, 240 fps @ 720p, all the bells and whistles you can expect from a phone at this level. The front-facing camera will most likely be a 5 MP or an 8 MP sensor.

Now, as far as the system is considered, it depends on a few things. If Google releases Android N before Samsung releases the Galaxy Note 7, there is a chance the Galaxy Note 7 will come pre-loaded Android N. If not, it will come with the latest version of Android Marshmallow. It will most likely pack even more features for the S Pen.

One thing we are sure off is the release date. It will most likely happen in early August.

Another thing that is rumored is an iris scanner, paired with a fingerprint scanner.
And, please…all of this are just rumors and speculations. The final version of the Galaxy Note 7 might not have some of these features.

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