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Remove pre-installed apps on Android

Pre-installed apps can be a real pain. They eat up memory, use battery, and do absolutely nothing. Here’s how to remove pre-installed apps on Android.

Pre-installed apps come with your device. On most occasions, they usually get in your way. These apps can eat up your memory, your RAM, drain battery… But it’s not that bad. Some pre-loaded can actually come in come in quite useful. Nevertheless, if you want to get rid of them, here’s how you can do that.

Remove pre-installed apps on Android

First thing to mention. You WILL need ROOT access on your device. Today, if fairly easy to root your Android device. Second, be careful when removing system apps. Removing some apps can actually make your phone go crazy. If you can, make a back-up of the app you are going to delete. And, of course, you need an app that removes pre-installed apps. There are many great apps that do that. Some of these are System app removerApp MasterRoot App Remover, and many more.

So, once you have installed one of these apps, the process is quite simple. Just select the apps you don’t want on your phone, and hit uninstall. Again, you MUST be careful, as some of these apps actually make your device run better. Be sure you make a back-up of the apps you want to get rid of. And that’s it. In a few simple steps, you can make your Android device run much faster.

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