PUBG on Samsung Galaxy S6

PUBG on Samsung Galaxy S6 runs pretty well…until it starts to heat up.

Battle royale games are becoming more and more popular. And that is why some games, like PUBG are getting ported to mobile devices. However, you probably know that PUBG requires a decent PC to run smoothly, and you may think you need a beefy mobile device to run it.  But that is not true!

PUBG on Samsung Galaxy S6 – how does it perform

On first starup, the graphics are automatically set to low. However, you can change that, but it will hurt performance. Running on low settings, the game still looks pretty good, and it runs smooth. Like 50-60 fps smooth.


However, there is one issue. As I have mentioned in the S6 review / revisit, the Galaxy S6 tends to get pretty warm pretty fast. And when it does get warm (almost hot), the device, of course, slows down. So, because of this, the FPS does drop, but it is still playable.  So to shortly sum it up, yes, you can run PUBG on your S6. Check the video for more details.

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