Google Play Store - Play Pass
Google Play Store - Play Pass

Play Pass – possible subscription for Android apps

Play Pass could offer you a lot of paid Android apps for a monthly subscription.

A lot of people, including me, don’t like paying for mobile apps. Yes, some of them are 0.99$ but it piles up. And some aren’t even worth that. With that in mind, Google might offer a  monthly subscription called “Play Pass”. Reference to this subscription have been found in code of Google apps by XDA and Kieron Quinn. However, just because it was referred to in code, does not mean that the feature will see the light of day. It may offer “hundreds of dollars” worth of apps for a (relatively) affordable subscription.

Play Pass – But why?

Simply put, Google makes less money than Apple through the App / Play store. This could bump up the revenue for Google from the Play Store, however, there are questions that need to be answered…

Which apps will be eligible for Play Pass? How much the developer will earn from the subscription? How much will it cost? What will be the certain rules which decided which apps are eligible for the subscription and which are not?

Google isn’t speaking anything yet. What we could do for now is just wait for Google to speak, if Play Pass even becomes a thing.

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