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Phone randomly reboots – causes and solutions

My phone randomly reboots…is that bad? Should you worry? Can you fix it? Here are some possible causes and solutions for a phone that randomly reboot.

Have you found yourself in a situation where you’re using your phone normally, like you usually would, when suddenly the screen goes black and reboots? It does give you a mini heart-attack. But don’t worry. Usually, this is nothing bad…usually.

Phone randomly reboots – Battery issues

Okay, first the basics, and probably the reason behind 80% of random reboots. First, if you have a removable battery, make sure it is not loose, and that it making proper contact. If you think your battery might be on it’s way out, you might want to read this. But if it comes down to a simple battery replacement, it is nothing to worry about…

Phone randomly reboots – Overheating

Every phone has an operating temperature. If the phones temperature goes over, or below the operating temperature, it may reboot, or freeze, or it just might start acting weird. If your phone is running hot, you might want to read this. But basically, if your phone is running hot, just give it some time to catch it’s breath and cool down.

Phone randomly reboots – Software issues

Okay, it is not the battery. Nor is it an overheating issue. If you have done some modding, like installing custom ROMs and stuff, it might not be a bad idea to remove the mods.
Go through your apps list. If you find some that you think are suspicious, or you think don’t belong there, remove them. Apps that did not come from the Play Store should always be taken with a grain of salt. Usually, your Android device should warn you if an app is acting suspicious.

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Phone randomly reboots – Hardware issues

This is the part where you can’t really do much…there is a slight chance that somewhere, in your phone, some part is making contact with something, creating a short circuit, and making the phone to turn off or reboot. However, it might be something else. As mentioned, a defected battery. Or it could simply be that the motherboard in the phone is on it’s way out. Whatever the case may be, the only solution is to take the phone to someone who can fix it. Usually, it’s not that expensive.

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