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Phone overheating – causes and solutions

Phone overheating – Phones do get hot. That’s a fact. But, what if it start to get way hotter than it should? Here are some solutions for your overheating phone.

Before anything, I want to mention that it is normal for a phone to warm up during heavy usage or while charging. But how much heat is too much? There’s no definitive answer to this, but in general, anything above 50C-55C is not good. A good warning sign when to stop is when you get a warning that your phone is running too hot. But you be the judge. If the phone feels uncomfortable because of the heat, you can define that as overheating.

Phone overheating – causes

It depends on WHAT and WHEN (under which circumstances) the phone begins to overheat.
If you have been pushing your phone a lot (playing a lot of games, watching a lot of videos on YouTube, recording for a long time etc.), it is normal for the phone to get hot around the sides, or or above the battery. Reason being is because that’s where your CPU/GPU and RAM is located. Since they all do the heavy lifting, they can get a bit warm. Also, in this scenario, it is also normal for the battery to warm up a bit, because it has to deliver all that power. Note when I say WARM up. Not get hot.
If your phone is getting warm/hot around the charging port WHILE charging, it could mean that your charging module is damaged. You should get it replaced.
Also, when charging, your battery should not get hot. Warm is okay. But hot is not okay. My Huawei P7 gets noticeably hot while charging up. I’m yet to determine why.
If your phone has just been lying on your table, and you pick it up only to notice it’s warm/hot, it is most likely because it was doing something. Most likely an update(s). However, you should check if something is running in the background.
Big data transfers. If you are downloading something big, expect a rise in temperature.

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Phone overheating – Solutions

If you have been pushing your phone hard (playing a lot of games, watching a lot of videos, recording a lot), just turn off your phone and leave it to cool down for a few minutes. DO NOT PUT IN IN A FRIDGE OR FREEZER. This might seen like a smart idea, but it’s not. It can cause water to condensate in you phone, making it almost unusable, maybe even killing it.
You will also most likely experience thermal throttling. The phone slows down so it can cool down. Lowering the screen resolution can help (available only on some devices). Also, you might sightly benefit from lowering the screen brightness.

If your phone overheats during charging, there are a few things to watch out for. First, check your battery. Make sure it’s okay. Click here to check out for symptoms of a dying phone battery. If swapping the battery out helps, you have solved your problem. If not, try another charger. Swapping the charging cable might even help. It’s a small chance, but worth trying. If none of this helps, it could be that your charging module is bad (phone heats up around the USB port).

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