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Are phone boosters worth it?

If you spent some time on the Android market, you’ve probably noticed a lot of RAM or phone boosters. What they usually do is kill apps running in the background and delete some junk (cache) memory. But are they really worth it? Do you need phone boosters?

Well, that’s a hard question. These apps run constantly in the background, so they are also using a lot of RAM, sometimes as much as 50 MB. They work by killing apps that are running in the background. That is quite useful for freeing up some RAM. However, most of those apps have an auto-run feature, which means they automatically restart when they are shut down. By doing so, the apps that are restarted will start up again, and basically slow your phone down even more.
So, what are those apps, you might be wondering? Well, apps like Facebook, Viber, different Messengers, Anti-viruses, some games etc.
But it’s not that bad. Here are some tips. Avoid shutting down apps that constantly run in the background, and DON’T shut down system apps, as it can make your phone miss-behave. Doing so, the booster will not kill those apps, only apps that were left to run in the background, eating up your RAM and battery. It goes the same for junk files. Those file usually sit around in your phone, eating up your storage. However, most of these files are useful, and actually make your phone run a bit faster and smoother (for example, cache from your browser is quite handy). Nevertheless, you SHOULD, from time to time, clean the junk files, as some of the files become useless after some time. There’s nothing stopping you from getting a phone booster/cleaner, as they are quite handy if used correctly.

Some of the best phone booster are:
1. Clean Master
2. DU Speed booster
3.  Smart booster

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