OnePlus 3 – the smartphone with 6 GB of RAM

OnePlus 3 – Need more RAM? 2 GB isn’t enough for you? Not even 4 GB? OnePlus has  you covered. Meet OnePlus 3, the smartphone with not two, not four, but SIX gigabytes of RAM.

OnePlus 3 really does deserve the name “flagship killer”. And here’s why.

Let’s start with the design, first. It does look rather sexy, and it’s quite slim, 7.35mm. Some people like slim phones, other don’t. I don’t mind having a bulkier phone in exchange for a larger batter, so you’ll have to deal with only 3000 mAh. On the front is nothing special. You have a 5.5 inch Full HD AMOLED screen, under which sits a fingerprint scanner, as well as a pair of captive buttons. It’s worth to mention that the fingerprint scanner is really, really fast. Protecting the screen itself is Gorilla Glass 4. On the left side, you have the volume rocker, and the mute button/slider, which was fir shown on OnePlus 2, and was carried over to OnePlus 3, which is quite good. The button/slider has three positions. One for all notifications, the other for priority ones, the the third for no notifications/do not disturb mode. On the right is a lock button, and a dual-SIM slot. You won’t find anything on the top, tho. At the bottom, you have USB-C, a speaker and a headphone jack. On the back is a camera, which, unfortunately, gives the phone a slight hump when it’s laid flat.

The screen itself is nothing special. You get a 5.5” Full HD AMOLED screen, which is really good. It can get quite bright, and the colors are really good.

The phones may seem “featureless”, that is, that it has nothing special, but it dies have one more trick, other than 6 GB of RAM. It has dash charging, which is faster than fast charging. It allows you to get a 60% charge in 30-ish minutes. How? The included power adapter pushes out not 2 amps, but 4 amps…which is a lot! The battery should last you the day.

Now, for the camera, you have a 16 MP camera at the back, at an 8 MP camera at the front. The rear camera is okay, it’s nothing special. It won’t blow you away, but it gets the job done quite well. The Sony sensor is also capable of shooting 4k video. Again, the pictures are meh-ish, nothing special. I’d say it falls just under the S7. One thing it does really, really good is low-light snaps. And, the camera app is also noteworthy. It’s fast, simple, and gets the job done. And, of course, it does feature a fully manual mode.

Now, the specs… As mentioned earlier, the OnePlus 3 packs a massive 6 GB of RAM. Why? Well…I’ll yet you decide why. Alongside the RAM, you have the topnotch Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. Add Adreno 530 graphics to the mix, and you have a wining combo here. For storage, you will have to deal with 64 GB on on-board memory, and no, you can NOT add a microSD card.  The performance of the phone is super smooth, with no slow downs. It just goes. For the OS, you have the latest version of Oxygen OS ( sound familiar? =] ), which is based on Android M. Luckily, it’s just a very light skin, with only added extra features.

So, the verdict…
At $399, the phone really is something. I deferentially do recommend getting this phone.

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