One UI
One UI

One UI – New UI for latest Samsung devices

One UI is the latest user interface which will be featured on all of the latest Samsung devices.

Among other things (and the foldable phone), Samsung has also announced a new user interface for their latest, and upcoming, smartphones. Samsung Experience will be phased out and replaced with One UI. The new interface has one goal – make everything more simple for the user. Its main goal is to focus on the task at hand. With this in mind, the new user interface will be removing a lot of clutter from the interface.¬†For example, the settings page is being simplified even more and regrouping certain settings together so that they’re easier to get to. The phone app also has a new look to only show essential information.

One UI – more natural

Another point that Samsung has emphasized is that the UI will be more natural. They claim that they will change the way we use our devices. Because of this, they have moved stuff around in the apps. For example, most of the content that you need to interact with have been moved to a more accessible place, the bottom of the screen. The top part of the screen has been reserved for content which does not need interacting with.

One UI – more comfortable

Lastly, they aim to make the experience more comfortable. This includes a different color pallet, to make the actual viewing experience more comfortable. Colors have been tweaked to provide better clarity, and based on the color of the phone you have, elements of the UI will be tweaked to match it.

If you’re interested, you can opt in for the beta of One UI, which is available in November, but only in the US, Germany and Korea – the South one. The new interface will be officially rolled out in January of 2019, for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung’s interface sure has came a long way from the cluttered and bloated mess it used to be. It is sure as hell that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will not get it.

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