New Weather Cards for Google now

If you use Google now regularly, you are probably familiar with their Weather Cards. But did you notice any changes? It seems that Google is testing new Weather Cards for Google Now.

I myself think that Google can do a much better job with the Weather Cards. They do get the job done, but they are just ugly. But, luckily, Google is working on that, since there have images of the new cards started to pop up online.

The first thing you will notice is that the background color is dependent with the current forecast. Google even included some cute, cartoonish graphics. Alongside the new design, you get new features! The today view now gives you more info, like air quality (the availability of this info may vary depending on where you live), sunrise/sunset times, and even health related messages. You have three tabs: today’s forecast, for tomorrow, and for the next 10 days. Google hasn’t officialy said anything, and these cards seem like a trial run, so they can collect people’s opinion.

The new cards do look nice (credit: android authority)
The new cards do look nice (credit: android authority)

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