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The new iPhone 7 – what should you know

It’s that time of the year again. The time a new iPhone is released. Here’s everything you should know about the newly released iPhone 7.

To start with, you have two options just like with the 6 and 6S. You can choose a regular 7, or the 7 plus. The iPhone 7 Plus has a bigger screen, of course. Design wise, not much has changed. It still looks a lot like the 6 series. However, the antenna band on the back is not there anymore, giving it a nicer look. We also got a new colour, jet black, which is a black, glossy finish, and it’s promising to be a fingerprint magnet. You also have mat black. However, there is no space gray.

Moving to the button…well, the button doesn’t move now, it doesn’t click (explained in the video).

A big feature that is not confirmed, tho, is water resistance. Sure, the 6S could take a splash, but it was never confirmed by Apple that it is actually water resistant. The new iPhone 7 is officially waterproof. It can survive under 1m of water for around half an hour.

Now…the cameras… It has been rumored a lot whether the new iPhone 7 will have dual cameras or not, but it is now official. The iPhone 7 (well, the Plus version) does have two cameras at the back.
The regular iPhone 7 has a new 12 MO camera with a f / 1.8 aperture and optical image stabilization (both phones). One of the lenses is 28 mm, while the other is 56 mm. This gives you a lot of features, which are explained in the video below.
Screen wise, it is the same story as on the 6S. Same size, same resolution.

It was also but confirmed that the new iPhone 7 won’t have a headphone jack. That, like a lot of the other rumors, was confirmed at the Apple event. The headphones you get are connected to the lightning port. And what’s interesting is that the adapter from lightning port to 3.5mm will const you 9$.

iPhone 7 – specs

For the CPU, you have the latest and greatest Apple A10 CPU, a quad core chip. Two of them are a bit slower, while the other two are more powerful, which should give you more battery life…at least on paper…

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