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Galaxy Note 9
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New Galaxy Note 9 leak is here and it is slightly disappointing

What seems to be an official render of the Galaxy Note 9 is slightly disappointing…

According to Android Headlines, this seems to be the official render of the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. The reason why I say it is slightly disappointing is because, at least from this angle, it looks exactly the same as the current Note 8.Well, almost, the bottom bezel is slightly thinner, bit that is it.

So according to all the leaks and rumors we have right now, the Galaxy Note 9 will look, and probably feel, a lot like the current Note 8. And that might not be that bad, since the current Note 8 is a well-built piece of hardware, but it is the lack of any change which makes me say that it sightly disappointing.

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But it is not to say that the Galaxy Note 9 will be boring, no. According to the FCC and a lot of rumors and leaks, we are almost 100% sure that the S Pen will have some kind of Bluetooth capability. However, we are not sure if we will get the fingerprint sensor built into the screen, or it will be on the back or side. It could be that Samsung is still waiting for the technology to mature a bit more before they can implement it into their flagship device. The device is expected to be announced on an event, on August 9th.

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