Must-have root apps for Android

Got root? If so, then you might want to check out these awesome apps for rooted Android devices.

Some time ago, we discussed whether or not should you root your Android device. The decision is up to you, but if you decide to root your Android device, there are some awesome apps that can take advantage of it.


Kicking our list off is one of the best-know apps for rooted devices. This app can make your phone do whatever you want and almost whenever you want. All you need to do is create a task, or a scene. After that, you define what should the app do in that scenario. However, it is recommended that you read the FAQ online, as there are some things you must know.

Root Explorer

Another must-have app. One of the biggest advantages of having a rooted device is that you can “go” almost anywhere on your phone. This app has a simple and clean interface. It has all the features you need. With this, you can dig around your system . You can also “cheat” in some games. You can also recover forgotten passwords of Wi-Fi networks etc.


A little less popular app, but essential nevertheless. As the name suggests, this app removes the navigation bar, or makes it transparent. It also allows you to remove the notification bar. You can also move the navigation bar, and make a per-app basis. For example, go to full screen while watching a video or playing a game, and then go back to normal when done.

System App Remover

We all hate those apps that come with your device and stand there doing nothing but eating up memory. System App Remover can help you with that. Just select the apps you don’t need and hit uninstall. One thing to mention. Removing system apps can cause you phone to misbehave, and in worst case, brick your phone.


Greeinfy is a phone booster. We have already discussed about phone booster, do they really work. This one really does work. It uses the root capability of your device. It’s basically a phone booster, but uses root, so it’s much more efficient.  It also saves your battery a little. And, it’s completely FREE. So it’s worth giving it a try.


CatLog basically allows you to see what’s going on on your phone. It is useful for testers and debuggers. You can save and export the logs, send it as a mail, record it etc. Can come in quite handy.


Accidentally deleted a valuable photo you like, but don’t have a back up of it? DiskDigger is a nifty little app that can save the day. Just like you can recover lost data on a HDD or a SSD, the same applies here. Just do it fast, as the image can be re-written. You can also recover different files.

And there are many many MANY more root apps that can be really useful. Again, be careful, as you can brick your device. Play safe.

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