The legendary Nokia 3310 is coming back!

Yep, that is official. The Nokia 3310 is making a come-back!

17 years ago, Nokia launched the 3310, not knowing it would become their most popular device they have ever made. When you simply say “Nokia”, the 3310 is probably the first phone that comes to your mind. They sold millions of them. People used them to call their relatives, friends, their loved ones…they also used it as armor, hammers, bricks, weapons of mass destruction etc. Point is, it is indestructible. And Nokia thought it’s a great idea to re-launch the phone. It won’t be an evolution by any means. The phone will still be rather cheap, around 60$.
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When will we see the phone?
As it turns out, very soon. We will see it at MWC 2017.
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