Original iPhone
Original iPhone

The iPhone turns 10 years old

The legendary iPhone turns 10 years old!

Yes, I know I’m a day late to the party….
It’s safe to say that the Apple device was a major, major game changer. Before it, pretty much every phone was on Symbian OS, with different hardware, and not all apps worked on every phone. There were not any standards to follow. Phones after the iPhone, well, it’s safe to say they changed a lot. When you look at it, you can see that, even 10 years later, the design of Apple’s phone didn’t change much, which is not bad. They nailed on the first try. It had a stupid simple UI that did the job pretty well


It wasn’t without it’s flaws. To start with, it is running on really, really slow 2G network. You had no App Store. No copy-paste. You could not record videos with the rather crappy 2MP camera. You couldn’t change the wallpaper. No navigation. You needed a PC to set it up. What you DID have, tho, was a headphone jack…designed in such a way that it is a bit too deep and some headphones can’t be inserted properly. But it was there.

The main opponent for the Apple device was the Nokia N95 It did a lot the iPhone could not. It had GPS navigation, a really, really good Carl Zeis 5 MP camera, Nokia build quality etc. While the phone really is awesome, it was left in the shadow of the iPhone. And with a good reason. Take a look at the N95, and then at the iPhone. Then take a look at the iPhone, then look at your device. Then look at your device, then look at the N95. See where I’m going with this? Safe to say the iPhone was a major game-changer.


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