Asus VZ249H review

This is one slim and beautiful monitor. There are a lot of really awesome things, but there are some things that kinda bug me…

First, the design. I have do say, it’s beautiful. It’s slim. Like, really slim. Compared to it’s older brother, you have to admire how much technology has advanced throughout the years. The bezels are really thin. On the bottom is a small chin, with the ASUS logo on it. Underneath the chin are buttons that you use to navigate the menu. I will mention that the buttons are a bit difficult to get used to at first. And, as mentioned, it’s thin. Like, really thin. 7mm to be precise. And the really small bezels makes it perfect for multi-monitor setups. It is only near the bottom where the monitor gets a bit thick, since the speakers and connections are there. Speaking of the speakers, they are okay. You can’t expect much from these built-in speakers, but they get the job done very well.

Now, the display itself…

In short terms, it’s beautiful. Spec wise, it’s a Full HD screen, with a contrast ratio of 80 million to 1, and a 16:9 aspect ration. Viewing angles are also great, 178 degrees. Response time is 5 ms. Now, I don’t realize all the fuss about response times. Sure, if you’re competitive player and play LoL, DOTA, CS:GO, Overwatch or any other game competitively, response times do matter…I guess, tell me if I’m wrong. For your average Joe like me, 5 ms response time is okay.
Back to the display. The color reproduction is amazing. They are really vivid and life-like, with deep blacks.

You have all different bells and whistles that reduce eye strain during long periods of work or gaming. In menu allows you choose from different modes for different scenarios. Scenery, Standart, Game, reading, darkroom mode…You can choose from lots of different modes. I keep it in scenery mode for daily use, and gaming mode for…well..gaming.

There are a few things that kinda bug me. One of them being input. You only get one HDMI and one VGA…which I find rather strange. I’d love to see DVI or DisplayPort on it, but not a deal breaker. You also get audio-in through a 3.5mm jack…in case you’re using VGA. And the buttons and the menu are a bit difficult to get used to, but nothing big. Another complaint is that there is no height adjustment.

Other than that…I can’t find anything else wrong with this monitor. It’s slim, it’s beautiful. If you get one, you will not regret!

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