Google Pixel – The new Nexus

Google has officially revealed their new flagship phone – the Google Pixel!

The Google Pixel has been rumored a lot about. Finally, on the 4th of October, Google has officially revealed! And boy, is this a beast of a phone.

First, the specs… It’s packing the newest Snapdragon 821 chip, paired with 4 GB of RAM. For storage, you have to choose 32 GB or 128 GB of non-expandable storage. Up front is a 5″ Full HD display. You can also choose a 5.5″ display. Underneath the display is a rather big chin which…well…
Google brags a lot about the camera on the Pixel, saying it’s the best smartphone camera out there right now. While it may be true, you should take it with a grain of salt, since many other companies have said this for other phones. It has a 12 MP sensor, 1/2.3″ sensor size, 1.55µm pixel size, 4k video etc…pretty much everything you’d expect for a phone at this level.
On the back is a fingerprint sensor. Speaking of the back, the top part of the phone is glass, while the bottom part is plastic. On the bottom of the phone you can find a USB Type-C and the speakers.

For the OS, the Google Pixel, of course, has the latest and greatest –  Android 7.1. Android Nougat has tons and tons of new features, and one of the most notable things being the new Google Assistant, which is built-in to the Pixel. You can activate it simply by holding the home button.

You can click here to read more about it on Google’s site.


Here are some videos about Google Pixel.