Google Trips – a new smart travel app

Google Trips is a travel app that organises all essential information about your next destination!

We all know the struggle when you want to go to a new place….you do research, ask your friends about the place, you get a lot of, sometimes confusing, information.

Google Trips will automatically organize your trip for you, based on flight times and other travel info you might have saved in Gmail. Each one of your trips will contain an agenda, suggestions for popular things to do around the area, food and drink suggestions, and more. It’ll also bundle your flight, hotel, rental car and restaurant bookings all in one place instead of making you search for them individually. Plus, the app will notify you when you’re near a popular attraction, as well as ratings and reviews from other travelers in the area.

It even has an offline feature, allowing you to download all the information on your phone, so you don’t have to rely on your mobile internet.

The features are better explained in the video below.

Get Google Trips here.

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