Intel Performance Viewer

Intel Performance Viewer can help you measure a lot of things on your Android. From FPS to network usage, Intel Performance Viewer has it all covered up.

Intel Performance Viewer is an app developed by Intel tat allows you to collect and track various data on your Android device. It can do some simple things, like measure CPU or memory usage. It can also track other things, like the clock/load of individual CPU cores. You may use it for quick debugging/profiling or just to know what resources your device is using. Stuff Intel Performance Viewer can show you is you CPU usage (general, or per core), memory usage, network usage (sent and received), frame rate, and various battery and storage metrics.

If your Android device is rooted, you you have access to even more info. Depending on the architecture, you can measure CPU and Bus cycles, cache and branch misses, and much more. You can also use Intel Performance Viewer to see how applications are using system resources. You can download Intel Performance Viewer from the Play Store here.