Switching from Android to Windows Phone

Switching from Android to Windows phone is quite a huge step. Here are a few advises that might help you with switching from Android to Windows Phone.

1. Forget Google

If you depend on Google, then Windows phone is definitely NOT FOR YOU. Google does not support Windows phone. Apart from the Google search app, there aren’t any other Google apps available on the Windows phone store. That means, no YouTube, no Hangouts, no Google Drive, no Gmail, no Google Translate… You will have to stick with 3rd party version of those apps, or stick with the browser versions of Google apps. Will this change in the future? Only time will tell.

2.Different user interface

Unlike your standard Android interface, that usually features a few home screens and an app menu, Windows phone 8 and Windows phone 8.1 have a completely different user interface. On the “home screen”, you get a bunch of tittles or “Live tittles”. You can add as many as you like. They usually give you all the necessary information, like weather, news, new messages… Swiping from right to left you get a list of all you apps. Although its nit really stylish, you get everything you need and everything is in alphabetic order. It is said that in window 10, you will get your new apps on the top.

3. Different store

It is true. The windows store is smaller than the Android market. Although, you do have all of your most common apps, like viber, WhatsApp… Games are also not a problem, since you have most of the popular games on Android here on the windows store, like angry birds, hill climb racing, asphalt etc.

4. No modding

Android is open source, which means you can easily change the look of your Android device – from changing launcher, to installing a whole new modded OS, if your device is rooted. It’s different on windows phone. No launchers. What you get is what you get. But its not that bad. You can change the accent colour in the menu, which change the look of the entire phone. However, the background is limited to only black and white, but its said that this will change in Windows 10.

5. Device choice

There are a lot of manufacturers who make Android smartphones: Sony, Samsung, LG, Motorola etc. But there aren’t a lot of windows phone manufacturers. Up to recently, Nokia was making the Lumia series. However, since Microsoft and Nokia have “broke up”, Microsoft now makes their own Lumia series. There are some other windows phone series, like the HTC one M8 for Windows phone, but the selection of Window phone devices is significantly smaller compared to the choice of Android devices.