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Huawei P7 Lollipop update review

A while ago, I made a video of my first impressions of the lollipop update for the Huawei P7. And first impressions were quite good. After doing some tests, I’ve made up my mind and I’m going to tell you should you update our not. Here’s the full review of the Lollipop update for the Huawei P7.

First thing to mention is the performance. On KitKat, performance throughout the UI were really sluggish – lots of dropped frames, freezing, sometimes even crashing… All that has been fixed in the new update. It still tends to lag for a moment here and there, but it’s way better than it used to be. Another thing to mention is the improved battery life. On KitKat, I was able to go through a whole day on medium usage without the need to charge until late night. With the new update, I can get a whole day on a single charge, and then some. Of course, start playing heavy games, and you will be running for a charger quite soon.
Another problem I had, and I’m sure a lot of people also, is the overheating problem. I know that that’s quite hard to mend via software, since hardware is mostly to blame, but I do have to say that the phone runs slightly cooler than it used to, which is great!
Other things to mention… The one-hand UI is improved, now all you have to do is swipe the navigation bar left/right, and the entire screen will be shrunk in the direction you swiped the navigation bar. Time-lapse is now available and it’s awesome (720p only). Also, image processing time is slightly reduced. The settings menu and the navigation bar are much more prettier than they used to be.
But… There’s always a but… There are a few things that still need some polishing. For example: volume levels are not equal. Only the first three levels increase/decrease the volume, and the others do nothing but make a loud beep. And, sometimes when I put my morning alarm on snooze, it turns the alarm volume all the way down to vibration, which is really frustrating (again, this happens SOMETIMES). But the worst thing is the Facebook app. It does not work… Most of the time. When it’s working, it’s OK, but most of the time it crashes and freezes the entire phone, making me do a force reboot.
Other than that, I can’t complain much. So, should you get the update? YES! NOW! You can either wait for the OTA update to arrive, or download it and install it yourself.

Fun fact – this entire article has been written on the Huawei P7.

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