Huawei P7 gets a minor update

Huawei P7 gets a new  minor update, in which some minor, but annoying bugs have been fixed.

A while ago, the huawei P7 finally received Android Lollipop 5.1.1 update. And, for the most part, the update was fine. But there were a few problems that needed to be fixed. Fortunately, Huawei didn’t ignore those problems, and has rolled out a new, minor update.

The first crucial thing that needed to be fix is that the alarm didn’t ring. It only vibrated. Same goes for some notifications.

Video playback in some apps, like Facebook or Instagram used to freeze the phone and force you to do a force restart. Some other compatibility problems with WhatsApp have been fixed.

While on the subject or compatibility, compatibility with 3rd party apps have been improved. And, of course, some performance improvements. You can read more about the update here.

*note* the site is inactive for a long time because the admin has lots of school obligations. The site will become more active in the following days*

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