Huawei P7 in 2016 (revisited)

Released in mid 2014, the Huawei P7 is one slim and good-looking phone. But how does it perform 2 years later?

First – specs… Inside the phone you can find a quad-core HiSilicon Kirin 910T CPU clocked at 1.8 GHz, coupled with 2 GB of RAM. You have to deal with 16 GB of internal storage, but you can add a microSD card up to 64 GB. Up front is a 5” FullHD screen, protected with Gorilla Glass 3. For taking pictures, you have a 13 MP camera at the back, and an 8 MP camera up front. Powering the phone is a 2400 mAh battery. But the selling point of the phone is it’s design and slimness, 6.5mm – thinner than the iPhone 7. The phone is running Android 5.1 with EMUI 3.1.
Now, how does it perform, you might wonder…
Well, just like the Galaxy S5 I talked about earlier, the phone’s specs today fall in the mid-range category. But the P7 is notably slower than the S5…
General and everyday performance tends to be rather sluggish. It’s not uncommon for the phone to slow down, drop frames, and generally feel much slower than it should. After some time of use, the phone does get rather warm, which makes the phone to thermal throttle. It’s like the phone really doesn’t want to push those pixels.
You can turn the resolution down to 720p in the settings. Doing this noticeably boosts performance and battery life. Which is a bit sad, since the screen really is nice, and looks really crisp at 1080p.
Speaking of the battery, when using 1080p, it can get through a whole day…if you are careful.
When on 720p, the battery can easily last a whole day.

The cameras are really nice. Now, I’m no camera expert, but in my opinion the pictures turn out really nice. It has a 13 MP, f/2.0, 28mm, and up front is a 8 MP shooter, capable of some really nice looking pictures and videos. Sometimes, the pictures tend to be over-exposed.

However, my biggest complaint is the OS. Yes, it is running Android 5.1, but I really don’t like the fact that Huawei desperately tried to copy iOS. They did succeed to a certain level, but I really don’t like it. Some features are great, like pulling down for search from the home screen. And the camera app looks a lot like the one on iOS.

More details in the video above!

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