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How to extend battery life

There are plenty of ways you can extend you battery life. From simple to advanced tips, here’s How to extend your battery life.

No phone related blog is completed without a post like this, so here’s mine….

Start with the basics. Turn off stuff you don’t need. WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G or 4G network, GPS etc. You can easily turn it back on if you need it. If you’re in an area with no or a very weak network signal, turn on airplane mode. That way, your phone will stop scanning and searching for networks, thus extending battery life.

Lower your screen brightness. Your screen consumes a big part of your battery. Lowering it even by 25% can extend you battery life.
Disable apps that you don’t need. I don’t really recommend the battery saver apps. Most of the stuff those apps do, you can do by yourself, manually. It’s up to you.

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If you really are in a tight situation, enable the battery saver. Most newer version of Android have a built-in battery saver.Those can extend your battery life quite a lot, but you most likely won’t be able to do much with your phone expect calling and sending SMS messages.

How to extend battery life – underclocking/downclocking

If you have a rooted device, you can try underclocking your CPU. Some apps, like Device Control, allows you to do so. It allows you to create a “task”. You can use it to decrease the clock of your CPU when the screen is off, of underclock your CPU in general. This does no harm to your phone. It only limits how fast the CPU can get. It can extend battery life, however, depending on how much do you underclock, it can hurt performance.

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