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Google to punish poorly-made apps

Apps that are made poorly are about to get a spanking from Google.

The Google Play Store has lots of apps. So it’s no surprise that some apps don’t perform well. Crashes, freezing, constant system waking, extreme power drain…all these are habits of poorly made apps, or apps that were designed to do harm. From now on, Google will keep track of these statistics and will determine how bad an app performs, and will give the app a ranking. If the app’s ranking is under 25% Google will either severely reduce it’s visibility on the Play Store, or completely block it.

Poorly-made apps – Here’s what will Google track:

  • App not responding (ANR) rates
  • Slow rendering
  • Crash rate
  • Excessive wake-ups (the app wakes up the device more than 10 times an hour)
  • Frozen frames
  • Stuck wake locks (the app keeps the device awake for more than an hour)

This is something that Google has talked about on I/O. The fact is that the Play Store is filled with crap apps, and it looks like Google is about do something serious about this. IMO, this is a great move by Google.


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