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Google Pixel theme – Make your phone look like Google Pixel

Want to make your phone looks like the Google Pixel? At least the launcher? Here is how you can make your phone look like the Google Pixel…
If not, just scroll away.

Please note that this will not make you ENTIRE phone looks like the Google Pixel, nor will it bring any of the features (well, maybe some). It’s just a fancy launcher, and a simple icon pack.
So here’s what you need…
Nova Launcher
Pixel Icon Pack
2-10 minutes of time
Additionally, if you have a rooted device and xposed framework, you can do even more stuff!

The first thing you need to do is download and install the previously mentioned apps. Don’t worry, they’re all free, and won’t bother you with any ads. I’d first recommend installing Nova Launcher and set it as a default launcher. I’ll be demonstrating this on my Huawei P7, running Android 5.1.
If you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting everything up, you can download my setup file. Scroll down to see how it looks. Download the file and import it. Just make sure that you have downloaded the Icon pack. Simply scroll to “Backup and Import Settings” and import this file. It will make it look pretty much like a Pixel. If you’re rocking a Huawei device, you can even slap a really good Android N theme for Huawei, or something similar, to give yourself a better experience.
TO APPLY THE ICONS you have to open the Pixel Icon Pack, the swipe left and select “Apply”, and choose Nova Launcher. That’s it.
[download-attachment id=”2265″ title=”Click here to download the theme! (Direct download)”]

Screw that. I want my own look.

Well, in that case, don’t let me stop you. Nova launcher is full of options. And you can also try other icon packs! If you have Xposed Framework installed, you can install many xposed modules, preferably the xposed navigation bar, NAVBAR.
Or you can make my backup file and play around with it. To change the icon of a single app on your home screen, long tap>edit>tap the icon.

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