Google Camera now features twist gesture in Nougat Dev Preview 5

If you own a newer Motorola, or are a Motorola fan, you probably know about the twist gesture. Something similar is coming to Google Camera app.

The twist gesture allowed you to launch the camera app from anywhere on some Motorolas. By twisting your hand twice (of course, with the phone in hand), you are able to launch the camera app. If you do the twist within the camera, the twist action would activate the opposite camera from which you are using at that moment.

The new Google Camera app v4.1 will feature something similar. No, you won’t be able to launch the app from anywhere, but it will allow you to switch between cameras within the app. Nothing really spectacular, but is quite cool, and can come in quite handy. Apart from this, Google’s Camera app will get a refurbish and some new features…like the ability to pause a video recording, something a lot of people have been waiting for.

Source: Android Authority

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