Godless malware – installs unwanted apps

Have you been infected by Godless? If can affect 90% of Android devices! It can also SPY on you!

Recently discovered by Trend Micro, Goldless malware targets devices that run Android 5.1 or older, which means almost 90% of all Android devices.
What does it do? It can root your Android device, install unwanted apps AND spy on you. Godless malware can be found in prominent app stores, INCLUDING Google Play. Supposedly, it has already infected over 850,000 device worldwide.

When Godless malware gains root privileges, it can silently install unwanted app, and it can also spy on users!
Once the app/virus is downloaded, it waits till the screen is off, and then it begins the rooting process. Once it’s done, it then drops a payload as a system app in the form of an AES-encrypted file called “_image”. It cannot be easily removed. 
“We found various apps in Google Play that contain this malicious code. The malicious apps we’ve seen that have this new remote routine range from utility apps like flashlights and Wi-Fi apps, to copies of popular games. For example, a malicious flashlight app in Google Play called “Summer Flashlight” contained the malicious Godless code.”, 
says Trend Micro.

Source: Phone Arena

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