Galaxy S10 might get a 48-megapixel camera
Galaxy S10 might get a 48-megapixel camera
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Galaxy S10 might get a 48-megapixel camera

Samsung may include their latest high-end camera in the upcoming Galaxy S10.

Samsung has recently revealed their in-house made camera sensors, the 48MP Isocell Bright GM1, and a 32MP variant, the Isocell Bright GD1. Both sensors are extremely small. The sensors have pixel pitches of just 0.8 micrometers, letting Samsung pack incredible resolution into chips that are small enough to be used in multi-camera smartphones without bulking them up.

Samsung claims that the sensor will deliver excellent camera performance, despite the small pixel sizes. But if you know anything about how cameras work, you’ll know that small pixels mean poor low light performance. However…

Galaxy S10 might get a 48-megapixel camera

… Samsung has a neat trick. If you select a lower resolution (12 or 8 megapixels), four pixels will act as one. So when you combine the two, you have a sensor which delivers extremely sharp pictures and could deliver awesome low-light performance. Of course, there is more to the image quality than just pixels.

The GD1 also includes real time HDR for much better colors and gyro-based electronic image stabilization to smoothen things out. The technology is present in the original Pixel and the Essential Phone and smoothens out the video, but not images.

Samsung said that the new sensors will go into production in the last quarter of this year. Which happens to be now. This gives us hope that the upcoming Galaxy S10, which should come out sometime in February next year, will have this sensor onboard.

Of course, all of this are just speculations and take it with a grain of salt.

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