Funny Cortana replies

So, Cortana is Microsoft’s personal assistant. And the best part is she’s quite personal. Cortana can give some quite funny and awesome replies.

Apart from helping you, Cortana can be quite fun. She can tell you stories, jokes, sing you songs, do impressions… So here are some fun Cortana replies that you might want to try.

Jokes, stories, fun…

Knock-knock – she will give you multiple knock-knock jokes.
Ask her “Why should I buy this phone?” – She will give you multiple reasons to buy Windows  Phone.
Ask her to do an impression  –  She’s quite good at it.
Open the pod bay doors…OR… Beam me up, Scotty – Don’t ask, just do it.
May be force be with you.
Use the force.
Ask her to tell you a joke, or sing you a song., or even to tell you a story.
Ask her “Guess what?” – You will be surprised.
What does the fox say?
Or just ask her to tell you something funny.
And something recently Microsoft has added. You can now ask “what’s up?”. The answer changes every day.

Ask Cortana about herself

Ask her some “personal” questions, like do you have a boyfriend?
Try asking some of these:
Who created you?
Where do you live?
How do you look?
What are you wearing?
Do you love me?
Will you marry me?
Who is your daddy?
Do you know Clippy?
What does Cortana mean?
Do you know Siri / Google Now?
Are you afraid of low battery?
And there are many, MANY more questions…

Ask Cortana about Halo
What is a Halo??
What does Cortana mean?
Are you in Halo 5?
What will happen in Halo 5?
Didn’t you die?
Tell me about Halo 5
Do you love Master Chief?
Tell me about Elites
Tell me about Watchers
Are you dating Master Chief?
Where is master chief?
Tell me about Catherine Halsey
Tell me about Buggers
And basically ANYTHING that is related to Halo.

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