Folding Samsung Galaxy X
Folding Samsung Galaxy X
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Foldable Galaxy X specs and release plan leaked

There have been many rumors about a possible folding Samsung phone, the Galaxy X.

Samsung is not the first one to attempt to make a foldable smartphone. Remember the Kyocera Echo? Plenty of other have tried to make a foldable smartphones by stitching together two screen, with a thick bezzle  in the middle. And that didn’t work out pretty well.


However, Samsung being Samsung, it is believed that their attempt will be much more advanced and better.

According to this new leak, Samsung will use two 3.5-inch OLED screen, which should form a 7-inch screen in total. The design does seem quite complex, and will possibly be very difficult and expensive to make. Based on this data, it is to assume that Samsung will not make a lot of these – if they even make them.
How much of this will remain true is uncertain. In fact, there is no guarantee that Samsung will even make this phone.

Samsung Galaxy X – early adopters

Potential customers could be those who are always on the hunt for bleeding edge technology. If Samsung pulls this off, it really will be something special. IF Samsung does it. IF. We could see something on MWC 2019.

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