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Farming Simulator 16 is now on Android and iOS

Farming Simulator 16 is now available for Android.

Yes, after a long time, Farming Simulator 16 is now available for Android and iOS… but not Windows Phone, at least, not now. Maybe it will eventually come out later. Farming Simulator 16 is a huge improvement over the previous version, Farming Simulator 14. If you have played the newest version of Farming Simulator 15 on you PC, you will notice that Farming Simulator 16 is basically a scaled down version of FS 15.

Farming Simulator 16 – what’s new

Of course, the new version features better graphics. You will be able to see every detail of your machinery. Compared to FS 14, you have more crops: wheat, barley, canola, potatoes, corn and sugar beet. When you have harvested your crops, you can sell then on a dynamic market. What that meas is that the price fluctuates depending on how much and what you sell. But your crops aren’t the only source of money! You can breed cows and sheep.

To do all the harvesting, seeding, feeding and all other stuff, you need machinery. Well, the game features more than 20 agriculture brands. Some of them are Case IH, New Holland, Krone, Horsche, Amazone, Man… and don’t forget the Lamborghini tractor. Also, forestry has gone mobile! You can now harvest wood with huge machinery. If you need any help around your farm, your friend can help you on local multiplayer, using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If you don’t have anyone to help you around, you can manage your AI helpers. The game cost just a shy over $5. You can download Farming Simulator 16 here.


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