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Seriously, keep an eye on the clock while playing this.

If I could sum the game up in one sentance, it would go like this…You start with a simple axe, and by using that axe and your ingenuity, time and raw materials, you end up launching a rocket with a satellite.

This game is not easy. Nor is it simple, and it most certainly isn’t for everyone. When you see the game for the first time, you will be intimidated by it. Seriously, there are so many things to keep an eye on. The game is a never-ending circle. A huge chain of production. Like, really huge.

Here is a good example….
In order to progress, you have to research different technologies, like defence (I’ll talk about it soon), automatisation, logistics etc. In order to keep your labs moving, them need power and science packs. There are 4 science packs. And here comes the tricky bit. If you want to make science pack 2, you need an inserter and a conveyor belt. To make an inserter, you need a steel plate, which is made in a furnace. You will also need a metal gear, which requires one steel plate. Electronic circuit is also needed. It is made by combining 3 copper wires and a single steel plate. A copper wire is made in an assembly machine, by putting in, you’ve guessed it, a copper plates in.

Once you have your inserters and your belts in production, you have to transport them to another assembly machine via transport belts, to be made into a single science pack. Once you have your science pack, you have to transport it to your lab via transport belts.

And this is only science pack 2! I won’t even talk about pack 3, which requires way more materials and time.

AND DON’T FORGET that for all this you need electric power. Power is generated by steam engines. You pump water from a lake to the engines, but you first have to heat them up in boilers. The boilers must have a constant supply of coal in order to keep going. Later on in the game, you can make a solar farm and a lot of accumulators to keep the charge, so you can go green! Remember that pollution will make the inhabitants mad.

Hey, speaking of which..you’re not alone. If you wander around a bit, you will run across some aliens. Now, if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you…mostly. Just don’t be surprised if they take out your oil lines, or something. However, you do have an option which stop the aliens from attacking first. But if you though you will not have to kill them, you thought wrong. You will have to kill some of them in order to make science pack 4.

Now…I highly recommend going through the wiki and do some reading. Trust me, you will need it. Read the tips at the beginning of the game. YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO PLAY at least 5 steps ahead. You will have to balance your production and consumption. A slight unbalance in the production line and your whole factory will slowly, and painfully, grind to a halt and it’s a MAJOR pain to find the bottleneck.

Another great thing is that, at the start of the game, you can select how many resources you have, how often they spawn and weather the map is infinite of not.

There are multiple ways of playing the game. And you will spend hours, and hours and HOURS playing. It took me 21h to launch the bloody rocket. BUT after you have finished, you have to option to continue, and make another rocket. Again, this game is definitely not for everyone. But for me, there is something strangely satisfying in watching your whole factory automatised, and everything is working on it’s own. That is until you realize you’ve accidentally spent the whole night playing the game. Don’t forget that the game is still in alpha stage!

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